Cheltenham Township, PA

Wall House Cheltenham Township PA is often referred to as the first suburb of Philadelphia, and the city is one of the oldest in Pennsylvania's history. With plenty of Cheltenham Township PA homes that are made for families of all sizes, shoppers can find a model that offers the number of beds and baths that are needed. First established by the Quakers in 1682, the city combines the best of history and modern amenities. Cheltenham Township PA real estate also puts commuters in close contact with Philadelphia, and three regional rail stations are located entirely within the township's limits.

Cheltenham Township PA Homes

Luxury homes in Cheltenham Township PA allow buyers a chance to enjoy a small town with proximity to the city. Many shoppers turn to their Cheltenham Township PA realtor for more information on the latest listings and find a cozy home that offers easy commuting times. In addition to the regional rail stops, the modern transportation options include a host of notable roads and easy access to the rest of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

The city served as a major stop on the Underground Railroad, and buying homes in Cheltenham Township PA is a great way for home buyers to find a historic property. The state's oldest home, Wall House, is located in the community, and plenty of other properties have been renovated to meet the demands of a modern Cheltenham Township PA home buyer.

Cheltenham Township PA Real Estate

Homes for sale in Cheltenham Township PA are offered with a host of different geographic features, and the area's warm summers and mild winters attract buyers of all types. Because a Cheltenham Township PA realtor offers home buyers access to a range of listings, contacting a licensed professional is a mandatory option for most people.

Luxury Homes in Cheltenham Township PA

Buying homes in Cheltenham Township PA also allows families to be sure that plenty of quality educational opportunities are readily available. The local school district has seven public schools, and the area is served by a number of private schools The Bishop McDevitt High School is the largest private high school that residents of properties in Cheltenham Township PA can attend. Because the particular school district varies with a home's placement, shoppers often turn to their Cheltenham Township PA real estate agent for more information. For those who are interested in pursuing higher education, Salus University, Gratz College and the Westminster Theological Seminary are all located in the city. In addition, Arcadia University offers undergraduate degrees, and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College is an ideal choice for those who are interested in Judaism.

Homes for sale in Cheltenham Township PA

A Cheltenham Township PA home buyer has plenty of options for their new abode. Relying on a Cheltenham Township PA real estate agent ensures that shoppers can find the home which suits their needs, and the town's abundant streams and rolling hills are ideal for those who want to enjoy a safe community that offers plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

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