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Jenkintown, PA was incorporated in the year 1874, and it now has approximately 4,500 residents. Jenkintown was named after William Jenkins who was the person who settled it. The community is a little over half of a square mile wide, and it is a part of Montgomery County. There are quite a few homes for sale in Jenkintown PA.

 Residents have separated the community into east and west sections. The west side is the business district, while the east side is where most of the single-family Jenkintown PA homes flourish. An individual looking to move can find a multitude of detached properties in Jenkintown PA. Jenkintown PA real estate is plentiful. Anyone buying homes in Jenkintown PA can find luxury homes in Jenkintown PA as well as low cost homes.

The area is mostly pedestrian based, which means that many residents use walking as their primary source of transportation. Walking to such places as the post office and corner stores is easy within the business district. Therefore, the city is conducting work to make the streets better for those pedestrians.

The climate in Jenkintown, PA is versatile. Temperatures can be as low as 26 degrees or as high as 90 degrees. Most days in the year are sunny. However, this particular area receives approximately 44 inches of rain annually.

Jenkintown, PA Parks and Recreation

A Jenkintown PA home buyer will be happy to know that a wide variety of parks and recreational areas exist. One of the most interesting parks in the area is Alverthorpe Park. This park is open from April to October and features huge tennis courts, camping grounds, picnic shelters, and miniature golf and fishing areas.

A Jenkintown PA home buyer who would like his or her child to enter a program can send that person to Lavner Camps for an awesome experience. The children can learn crafts such as music, dance and performing arts.

Jenkintown, PA - Attractions and Activities

The Jenkintown Music Theatre has some amazing musical performances such as “Annie”. The Abbington Art Center offers a sculpture park and a series of galleries and exhibitions. An interested party can find a wealth of additional activities and attractions in this prosperous area.

Jenkintown, PA - Realtor

A Jenkintown PA realtor can help a person to find the right properties in Jenkintown PA. A trustworthy Jenkintown PA real estate agent can help the home seeker to find homes for sale in Jenkintown PA as well as the Rydal, PA and Meadowbrook, PA areas. The Jenkintown PA real estate agent will work diligently to find Jenkintown PA real estate that fits the consumer's financial profile and desires.
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